Volume 3
Volume 3
Volume 3
Written by Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei
Directed by Hiroyuki Takei
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Japan Release Date: March 4, 2010
American Release Date: December 7, 2010
Cover Character: Milieu


This volume includes the following chapters:



Yamato's best friend Rune is now a dôji master to the envious trickster Jealous. But why is Rune using Jealous to attack Yamato and Ultimo? The answer lies deep in the past and will shock everyone - even Rune! Plus, meet Murayama, a warrior with a prophecy that could spell some serious trouble for the entire world.

Stan Lee's IntroductionEdit

Hey, fellow Ultimo-ites!

Would ya believe we're already releasing Ultimo vol. 3? Time sure flies when you're having fun - and Ultimo is a blast! Speaking of blasts, even though I've enjoyed helping to bring Ultimo to an oh-so-greatful public, I think the biggest blast of all has been tweeting, because that makes me feel like I'm talking directly to millions of my fans - well, thousands, anyway - all right, hundreds - how about we settle for dozens?

Anyway, if you all can't wait to get in on the act, check out my world-famous, carefully guarded Twitter headquarters at - and it's okay to tell your friends, but only if they're worthy!

So enjoy Ultimo (or incur my wrath!) and remember - whenever you have some time to waste and don't mind being hopelessly confused, you've got a standing invitation to tweet with me. And maybe someday we'll find out why no one ever says, "You have a sitting invitation."


Stan Lee

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