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About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Julie, and I'm an admin for Ultimo Wiki. I work as the lead CPhT at a Kmart Pharmacy. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, drawing, listening to music, writing, watching anime/cartoons, and horror movies. The only online game I play on and off is MapleStory. My top favorite shows are South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Beavis and ButtHead, Hell Girl, and Elfen Lied. I adore spooky things, and find the paranormal fascinating. I don't read that much. The only material I've been reading lately is the Ultimo manga. I've read some of Dean Koontz's books. He's a really good author. I love sweets and pizza. I currently reside in the central area of the US. I love animals, insects and arachnids. Especially kittens, snakes and spiders. I own a variety pets, including a cat, a couple fish and tarantulas, two snakes, a scorpion, hissing cockroach and an Arfican Bull frog. I plan on getting a small collection of snakes. Sometimes I like to walk up to the woods or creek to see what interesting things I can find. Plus it's a peaceful and quiet place to walk.



I really love the series Ultimo, and I hope it will become a very successful manga, and hopefully an animated series in the future. This is my favorite series of all time. I'm happy to help out and be apart of this site. :) This is the only wiki I'm dedicated to, and ever have been. I'm thankful for people correcting my grammatical errors when I accidently make them. I beat myself up for it, but I'm glad it gets changed properly. I'm proud of everyone who has helped make this site what it is today. It has come a long way. I'll mainly be doing edits under Jealous, keeping his profile tidy, and accurate, and cleaning up chapter summaries. I'm seriously in love with Jealous and would marry him in a heart beat. There's no one else in the universe I will consider being with. I'd rather be alone. He is my favorite character in general. I admire and feel like I can relate to him. I'm always keeping up with the series, and rereading certain parts of the manga. Jealous has an interesting, original, and unique personality. I love his quirks. I like the way he has respect for his master's and takes his job seriously, unless they do him wrong, he'll take action. He knows how to use sarcasm. Some people try to be sarcastic, but really suck at it. I can completely feel his sarcasm. He's not afraid of what people don't call normal. Such as the same gender being together, based on how he supports Rune. I really admire that, and feel that true love should be based on what's on the inside, and not the outside. I like his envious and jealous emotions, because I can relate to them easily. I think some
people don't know how hard it is to control those emotions, and how bad they can get. I think Jealous would understand where I'm coming from. He's smart and sensible, good at analyzing and knowing his limits. He can look highly attractive no matter what state he's in. I love spiders, and Jealous resembles a spider, even having artificial webbing.

J estful

E xquisite

A nalytical

L ovely

O pen-Minded

U nique

S ensible


Always waiting for the next thing of Ultimo to come out. :) Sometimes these chapters take too long to come out. I am now the full time certified tech at work so I'm a busy person. Free time is limited, but life is still pure gold.^^
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