aka なぎさ

  • I live in Future Tokyo,Japan
  • I was born on April 2
  • My occupation is Space police
  • I am Female Humanroid

Hello my name is SlowDeer!!I don't want to alot to share personal information,because that makes me more nervous that people. My food would be anything japanese and dessert too. I am a otaku, i love any anime except manly ones or not good ones.I hate school and american shows. I love to watch asian movies and dramas. I really love nendoroids,cu-poches,and,figmas(click here to see what am I talking about ;3Last one... I am in last year of middle school

My favorite Anime charactersEdit

I love Rena and Shion from Higurashi,they are just so crazy(

  • I lovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee Slow (aka Suro-chan) He is so beautiful 
  • Pardone is my "Prince on the white horse"(aka Parudone-kun)
  • File:978-4-08-870598-9.jpg
  • Sophia is my "sweet little brother" because he just the sweetest little doji you seen except Ulti-sama
  • Rin from Vocaloid is my favorite idol
  • I love all the touhou characters(
  • Slow's line during that encounter is "Jealously, I knew you were here the moment Pardonner collapsed"
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