The Ultimo Wiki maintains a selected number of users who have earned the trust needed to run the Wiki. These users, known as the "staff", are awarded with certain capabilities, which in turn give them more responsibility towards the administration and maintenance of the Wiki. Such positions are awarded to those who continually show that they are willing to create and write in-depth articles, cover a scope of a project, and/or revert vandalism.

Below is a list of staff based on responsibility and right, included with a trivial reason for their rights.

Administrators are Ultimo Wiki users who have sysop rights. While they do not own the Wiki and are equal to other users in terms of editorial responsibility, they are entrusted with several performance and security features to help ensure the smooth-running of the Wiki. Users may seek them out to perform maintenance to the Ultimo Wiki, and for advice and information. Please read more on administrator roles and function. Administrators are able to block vandals, delete files, rollback vandalism and move images. There are two types of Administrators: Sysops, able to do all of the tasks listed, and Bureaucrats, able to perform all tasks listed as well as change the rights of a user. Administrators in gold are Bureaucrats, people who grant rights to other users.

Moderators are users who have been granted additional rights by bureaucrats. While they are equal to other users in terms of editorial responsibility, they are especially trusted to keep articles safe from vandalism and bad-faith edits. These abilities are Rollback, the ability to move any number of articles without being halted by spam restrictions, the ability to move files to new names, and the ability to suppress redirects when moving a page.

Users in red are administrators. Users who are in green are moderators. Users in purple are special users. They are not staff, but they have done actions deserving merit and remembrance. Users in gold are Bureucrats.

Inactive Users

  • Gatogirl12345 — Directress, motivator, and webmistress. Editor/page starters of a few articles. Vice fan and chaotically stressed all the time. No longer active
  • Takeshi57 — Founder of the wiki. No longer active
  • Blackstar1 — Started many articles, and added many pictures that are still used today. No longer active
  • Zeromaro — Major mainspace editor. Long deserving editor. No longer active.
  • Badass Canadian — Major mainspace editor. Courteous and long deserving. No longer active
  • Reikanobutushi — Main and major mainspace editor. Pardonner fan. No longer active
  • Alois Trancy — The wiki user's proud translator. No longer active
  • SpookyDolly — Admin and valuable editor. In love with Jealous. No longer active
  • ssorceniviD — The tyrannical codist. Milieu fan. No longer active
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