Karakuri Dôji Ultimo
Part 3, Act 41
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Ultimate Space-Time Bonding Journey is the forty-first chapter of Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


While traveling through the space-time dimension, Yamato Agari brags about his victory over Vice in his God Ultimo's Crane Plane form. The rest of The Good Dôji Club are inside the van on top of God Ultimo, pointedly ignoring Yamato and discussing their current plans as Pardonner tends to the unconscious Hibari Oume. Musashi Murayama voices about his worries Vice's new Noh stealing ability and he has already cope Ultimo's Noh, allowing him to time travel and chase after them, though Ultimo states that he doesn't sense anyone else in the dimension.

Yoichi Oizumi points out Murayama's concerns are reasonable and reminds everybody that their journey isn't without danger, but proclaims their overall final goal is to stop Roger Dunstan so the One Hundred Machine Funeral doesn't destroy the world, like it did with Murayama's home in The 30th Century. To do that they must combine their strengths with The Evil Dôji Branch. Yoichi summarize that they must "know evil, become one, and grow stronger" on their "study trip". However, Yamato silently ponders if getting their enemies on their side is even possible.

Arriving to the year 1947 Shinbashi, home to Hibari's past life, the group lands in the middle of the war-torn city. As everybody surveys the wasteland, Ultimo ask his master if war is evil, but Yamato says he doesn't know as he once killed for a cause he believe was right. As Akitsu Otake hands the still nude Yamato some clothes, the group was spotted by the 1947 Kaizo Oume and his gang. While the Good Dôji Club contemplates on what to do, they save by the 1947 "Single-Shot" Hibari and pays Kaizo off to leave them alone.

At Hibari's place, the gang leader reveals she been expecting Yamato and company, with former Good Dôji Club members Machi Shina and Hiroshi Kumegawa here as well. Seeing Yamato's shock face, Hibari explains a "future Yamato" brought them here, who forbids Hibari, Machi and Hiroshi from telling the current Yamato anything else. Murayama states if best if they let whatever happens play out, which everyone agrees to.

At Kaizo's mansion, it shows that the 1947 Kaizo has been housing Vice and some of the other Evil Dôji Branch members, who time traveled to the year 1944, and been waiting and training since then for the Good Dôji Club to arrive. Wanting to get revenge for his last defeat, Vice declares an all-out war with them.

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