The Good Douji Club

The Original Masters of the Six Perfections

The Good Dôji Club is formed by the Karakuri Dôji of The Six Perfections and their masters, and they oppose The Evil Dôji Branch.


The Karakuri Dôji that compose the club are the six strongest dôji seated under Ultimo, the ultimate good. They represent the "Six Perfections" of Buddhism which includes giving, morality, patience, energy, meditation, and wisdom. In Volume 12's Karakuri Illustrated Profiles, the Six Perfections also represents the Sanskrit's Mahāyāna Buddhism six Pāramitās, which signify something complete and ultimate. Their names are also take the form of another quality of each of their respective "perfection".



Yamato Agari (Leader)

The Six Perfections and their mastersEdit

Name Root Quality Perfection  Masters
Service Service Generosity Giving Yoichi Oizumi
Regla Regulation Discipline Morality Shin Ekoda + Makoto Sayama
Pardonner Pardon Forgiveness Patience Koun Shakujii + Kiyose Matsumoto
Slow Slow Diligence Energy Machi Shina + Akitsu Otake
Goge Gauge Contemplation Meditation Hiroshi Kumegawa + Hibari Oume
Sophia Sophia Wisdom Wisdom Musashi Murayama


The Six Perfections

The Six Perfections

The dôji and their masters quickly recognized that there has to be balance maintained between both good and evil, meaning the destruction of one would result in the destruction of all. With the menacing event of the One Hundred Machine Funeral looming, the club has decided to target and capture the source of this chaos, Roger Dunstan.


  • Abandoned Hospital: This old hospital functions as the central hideout and current head quarters of the club. It is located deep within outskirts of Farmless City, hidden high-up in one of the many surrounding mountains, present within the area. The hospital is currently in a state of disrepair, suggesting the group haven't resided here very long. However, within this short period of time, numerous unseen barriers have been constructed by Pardonner in order to prevent detection from the enemy.
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