The Evil Dôji Branch is made up of the Karakuri Dôji of The Seven Deadly Sins and their masters, and they oppose The Good Dôji Club.



The Seven Deadly Sins and their masters.

The main focuses of the branch are to create and cause both chaos and destruction, and to go after Yamato Agari, Ultimo's master. However, due to them biding their time under strict orders from Vice himself, the purpose of these aims remained undefined for a significant period.

Eventually, their terrifying intent was revealed that saw them using the devastating consequences of the One Hundred Machine Funeral and their respective dôji to take control of the remaining population as the gods of the resulting new world. Afterwards, they all plan to fight Roger Dunstan so that he won't reset and have them all destroyed, although Jealous and other dôji aren't really sure that's possible.


The Seven Deadly Sins are the strongest Karakuri Dôji under Vice, who is the the ultimate evil. The sins come from the Christian ethics of the "Seven Deadly Sins" - lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. Their names are also words that relate to their respective sins. They are also associated with the seven luminaries - Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn - and their supposed influence over human beings.

Name Master
Vice (Leader) K

The Seven Deadly Sins and Their MastersEdit

Name Words Sins Masters
Désir Desire Lust Sumako Miyoshi
Edile Edible Gluttony Hana Koganei
Avaro Avarice Greed Kaizo Oume
Paresse Palace Sloth Mizho
Rage Rage Wrath Fusataro Fussa
Jealous Jealousy Envy Tomomitsu Iruma (Former) + Rune Kodaira (Current)
Orgullo All Great Pride Akira Hidaka


  • Sparrow Place: K rented an apartment there to keep Vice, and it seems to be an official hideout. In addition, Vice and K are able to keep in touch with the rest of the branch and met up there.
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