Name Kaizo Oume
First Appearance Chapter 12
Age 55
Species Human
Birthday N/A
Dôji Avaro
Affiliation Evil
Team The Evil Dôji Branch

Kaizo Oume (青梅 戒造 Oume Kaizou) is a 55-year-old construction company president and master of Avaro. He's also the father of Hibari Oume, a member of The Good Dôji Club. His role in the One Hundred Machine Funeral and association with Vice allow him to travels through space-time, and Kaizo was able age to a 58-year-old within series, though only for a brief time.[1]

In the 1940s, he was sleazy landowner that profits from the aftermath of World War II and had a business relationship with Hibari's incarnation, who was mafia boss.


Kaizo is a very overweight man with light, swept back hair and a mustache. He wears a lapelled light-colored suit and a polka-dotted tie, that features a jeweled pin, and a collection of extravagant jewelry on his fingers, fitting his sin. In all of his appearances, he usually is seen smoking a cigar.


Kaizo possesses attributes of a stereotypical corrupted business man, being greedy for money and power. While friendly to his allies, he shown to be quite ruthless to his enemies and would do anything for power, such ordering Avaro to kill off Hibari Oume, who his daughter in The 21st Century.



Kaizo is the master of Avaro through out the 21st century, and they seems to get along very well, to the point where they even have similar mannerisms. At the end of the series, after Dunstan turns Avaro into a human, Kaizo continues to let Avaro live with him and provides for him.

Hibari OumeEdit

Due to his greedy and power-hungry nature, Kaizo and his 21th century daughter Hibari has mutually strained relationship. Although Kaizo tried to bring Hibari to the evil side once her membership to The Good Dôji Club is revealed, he quickly resort to killing her when she refused. At the end of the series, once the One Hundred Machine Funeral is over, their relationship improved and became more friendly, even granting Goge a job so he be able to around Hibari.

In 1900s, their past incarnations weren't blood-related, but the two did business together and Hibari pays him off for favors and other things.


  1. Karakuridoji Ultimo manga; Chapter 51
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